"Natalie" in BikeFace, Trailblazing Ladies (2018 Toronto/Hamilton Fringe)

"Along the way she meets a cast of quirky characters, like an insufferable hippie bro in Halifax and a charmingly creepy Saskatchewanian innkeeper, which allows Blackwood to show off her incredible range and repertoire of accents." -NNNN Review, NOW Magazine

"...our heroine so beautifully played by Clare Blackwood, has such spirit, such an open heart and a keen sense of observation perception about human nature that she has us cheering for her from the beginning to end." -The Slotkin Letter

"Using different voices and a change in posture, Blackwood embodies each character she meets, from the aforementioned hippie to a New Brunswick lumberjack, a Quebecois retiree, and a quirky old man in Saskatchewan. Her energy and charisma carry the show, earning every laugh and bringing every unique character she meets to life." -Rave Review, Mooney On Theatre

"Performer Clare Blackwood imbues the one woman sequences with the restless yearning and drive suited to the best of adventurers...Blackwood’s range as a performer doesn’t just showcase oddball characters encountered along the way, but the inner strength to deal with doubt, fear and imposed limitations." -My Entertainment World

"Katie" in Welcome to the Bunker!, Portius Productions (2017 Toronto Fringe)

"As a two-person show, the cast require a great deal of energy and earnest to carry the story and keep us engaged. Fortunately, duo Clare Blackwood and Ryan F. Hughes give us no reason to doubt them. As the production is both written by and lead by these two, the amount of care and depth put into their characters is apparent. These two have chemistry that could rival that of the screwball comedy stars of the classic Hollywood era." -Mooney on Theatre

"...this real-time two-hander rests on the shoulders of quirky ray of sunshine Clare Blackwood (Katie) and wry survivalist Ryan F. Hughes (Todd) who foil and complement each other perfectly as the odd couple tenants of a bunker...Katie is a particularly refreshing kind of hero- a woman trying with all her might to be happy and kind in a world that is neither. Her company...will do you good." -My Entertainment World

"Avalon" in Keeper, Fine Wine Theatre

"Both Tanisha Taitt as Constance and Clare Blackwood as Avalon give committed, compelling performances." -The Slotkin Letter

“Benvolio” in Romeo and (Her) Juliet, Urban Bard and Headstrong Collective  

“Both she and Blackwood give deeply stirring performances as mourners that made me as an audience member feel how senseless the deaths of the play’s young people were.” -Mooney on Theatre

“Clare Blackwood and Max Tepper’s Benvolio and Mercutio are constant sources of comedic relief...Benvolio seems to fall somewhere in between the two gender role concepts.”

“Blackwood and Tepper give strong- and often comic- performances as Romeo’s BFFs: the streetwise and protective Benvolio and party boy fool Mercutio.” -Life With More Cowbell

Sam” in The Whores, Fishstick Productions

“...special mention has to go to the scarily realistic performance put forth by Clare Blackwood. As Sam, the single mother drug addict, Blackwood haunts the stage and her audience with every line she delivers. She gives by far the performance of the Fringe this year.” -Hamilton Fringe Reviews 2010

"The most jarring aspect of this production was undoubtedly the five strong performances by the actors of the piece...Clare Blackwood is tragic as defensive, terrified, cracked-out, hopeless, tiny little Sam, the most desperate and withdrawn of all the girls. She gives a performance that is particularly worth seeing.” -The Way I See It Theatre Blog

“...the riveting performances bring the play to life. Skittish and pale, Clare Blackwood stands out as self-loathing heroin addict Sam...” -The Torontoist

“...Clare Blackwood and Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman, in particular, turn in convincing performances, one tragic, one cynical.” -Eye Weekly

“All of the characters are strongly portrayed and every directorial detail underlines their psyches, but two are outstanding- Clare Blackwood’s druggie- “Sam”; and tough “Cherry” played by Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman are outstanding.” -Ontario Arts Review

“Margot” in The Nefarious Bed & Breakfast, Monkeyman Productions

“Dr. Nefarious’ mysterious wife Margot is played amusingly by Clare Blackwood in a voice-only performance.” -My Entertainment World

“...also enjoyed the disembodied vocal stylings of Clare Blackwood as Margot.” -Mooney On Theatre